My Best Gifts Received in My Life

For most of us, we have received quite many gifts during our life. Some of our gifts are simply normal brands. But some of them are cost our friends quite some money, like Gucci or Louis Vuitton products. I will list some gifts which I received these several years. In fact, with the increase of our age, we will be not touched by these gifts, but for some of them, their special meanings are also different.

First gift is the cheap Gucci men messenger bags, in fact there are two colors, one is black and the order is blue. My brother and I both get one from my mother when we went to the university. I owned the black one for more than 12 years now and their status is still quite fresh.

Second is cheap Gucci belts I received, there are also two colors, one is cherry red and one is white. These two belts was given when I went to work after finished my study and earn the job of $5000 per month. My sister gave two belts to me as compensation for my work.

Comparing the messenger bags with the belts, which is your preference? However, there is another chance: cheap Gucci hats, which is my another gifts last year for my birthday.  My old friends Promise and my husband gave me their best: one cheap Gucci off-white baseball cap and one cheap Gucci deep earth baseball cap. In fact, I like both cheap Gucci hats so deeply that I wear them almost every time when I went out. Here is the pictures of these two hats:

The above three gifts are all my love and I thank my parents and my brothers and sisters for their love. I also hope that one day I can get many Gucci hats for them and enjoy my new life.